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Interior Design Tips for Spacious Living

We all want that feeling of space. Our homes might bring safety and security, but we like to feel as though we can stretch out. Cramped spaces make us feel claustrophobic, shut in, and miserable. Little do we know that there’s no need to feel this way. Good interior designers have managed to create fresh, airy spaces even within the smallest of rooms. This might feel hard to apply to your own home, however.

You might have tried to bring a feeling of space to your own room and struggled. You’ve been told that is not size which counts. Mostly, you don’t believe it. You might KNOW that top interior designers can produce miracles. You’ve seen the photos. You’ve even seen the make over shows. You don’t doubt that professionals can create miracles. It’s just that, well, trying to create that feeling of space within your own home is somewhat harder. You’ve try to make our homes look airy and spacious and you want to weep with frustration.

If you’ve tried for years to make your home look airy or spacious, and you’ve been tearing out your hair at your lack of success, I have some modern home design tips to help you out:

Use mirrors: Mirrors might feel big and bulky in a small space, particularly if they have heavy frames. However, they provide the double benefit of reflecting light, and doubling up the volume of space. Strategically placed mirrors may reflect a focal point such as an attractive garden or picture window. However, they can also be used to add atmosphere when placed behind a warm lamp, or hurricane vase with candles.

Maximize height: When floor space is limited, making use of height often adds a new dimension to a room. Long drapes, tall lamps or shelves of books may make a room feel larger. Likewise, a collection of artworks, or a photo gallery which extends beyond eye level will create height within a room, taking attention away from the limited floor space and increasing the size of a room.

Use neutral colors: Using neutral colors for home add a feeling of peace and harmony in making it an easy and relaxing space. Neutral spaces often feel airy rather than cluttered. However, neutral doesn’t have to be boring. A couple of accent colors in cushions, art works or photographs, or a play on texture, often add interest.

Don’t obstruct the view: Windows add a feeling of continuity to small spaces. Place furniture around the room in a way that a window or outside area becomes a focal point in order to increase the size of a room. Furniture which is placed in front of a window, however, will have the opposite effect, shutting out light, and closing in the space.

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